Thomas Collart

Hey 👋 I'm Thomas

I make stuff on the Internet.

You can find me writing (in 🇫🇷) on or building products.


Comment Coder 🇫🇷

Comment Coder

On Comment Coder I help people who want to learn how to code to achieve their goal.

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Vegan Facile 🇫🇷

Comment Coder

Going vegan might be intimidating at first, you're not sure if it's safe for your health or if it's sustainable for you: what are you gonna eat? It should be way easier, that's why I created Vegan Facile where you can find easy step-by-step guides and recipes.

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Trainer Codes

Comment Coder

With Trainer Coder you can share your Pokemon GO trainer code and add more trainers to your friends list!

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